good night dikt (Pinkangel)

good night dikt

Sweet dream my Little love

Teodor er trøtt og sovner i armene hos Maria-Eliza.

Cute angel poem.

 I am your little angeland I'm sent from far awayTo cheer you up if you are sador had a rotten day. So when you find a home for memake sure that it is near, For when you to need to talk th...

good night

Good Night.

Good night my friend,close your eyes,may your dreams be sweet,listen to the angels song of sleep.Soon we`ll meet again,but until then: I LOVE U my friend.

Good night my friends

Blanket of love - gudniteSsshh?.Dont afraid..its me..jus putting a blanket of love upon uso that u?ll never feel that u r alone..Love youHave a cozy sleep full of heavenly dreams?.Good Night


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